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add google rss feed to website

One of the great way to improve your blog (blogger, wordpress or site) traffic is to retain site visitor by making them get in touch with your latest updates in your blog. Here is the simple way to add your blog….. Read More >>>>

Delete a column from an existing MySQL table

Drop column MySql command used to delete a column from an existing MySQL table. Syntax for deleting particular column for the able is : ALTER TABLE tablename DROP column-name for example ALTER TABLE moviesite DROP movie_name where moviesite  – Table….. Read More >>>>

how to build wordpress theme

This tutorials deals with hello world WordPress theme development. If you are new to the wordpress development, this tutorial will be starting point to your wordpress development carrier. Before continue your wordpress development please refer my previous tutorials on how to “Install….. Read More >>>>

How to install XAMPP on Window

Follow simple steps to configure xampp (localhost server) in your machine to start your php development.Step 1: Download latest version XAMPP from the Apache foundation website. download installer package from following Apache foundation website.  Step 2: Start your XAMPP installation using XAMPP….. Read More >>>>

how to install wordpress on localhost

Do you want become WordPress developer? If yes, Here is first step to start your WordPress development. Here is simple steps to install WordPress on localhost. Steps to install WordPress on xampp and wamp server are same. If you already installed localhost (xampp and wamp server) on your PC….. Read More >>>>

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