About Me

Early Life

I was born and bought up on a small village near Bangalore in early 1987. It was a place where the main source of income is through farming. I studied on free public school till the class of 12. I used to work 3 hours in the morning at the age of 10 apart from school hours to support my family. The one thing I was determined to do in my life is to study well to get rid of the poverty I was going through in my life.

School & College

I was the school topper in my class 10 and class 12. My family doesn’t have enough funds to support me in my higher education. My uncle came to rescue but he couldn’t afford such entire sum 70K per year at that time. Finally, with the help of bank loan I joined the graduation at a reputed university. That was just the beginning. The graduation is entirely in English. English was second language for me at that time, I couldn’t able to read a English sentence fully at that time, A sudden transition to all in English study materials, courses, classes and even colleagues, who communicate in English leave me devastated. Then gradually I learnt the language and secured first class with distinction in my graduation.


Now comes the most difficult part of my life. India is a country very rich in human resources and 500 thousand engineers graduate every year without job. I was one among them with loans to be paid. I roam in the streets of Bangalore with empty stomach in the search of new job, every other company asked for reference or a fluent communication skill which I don’t had at that time. I was left on a job that paid 3000 INR a month (Roughly 50 USD). I paid $20 for rent and lived up to 6 months on $30 a month.

I then moved to Chennai did digital copyrighting in a small company for 6 months, and then did Mainframe course with my friend Jagan. Then we took some worst decision I would ever take in our life time again, so we went through worst part of life time, because of that we could not even go home for almost 6 months. We don’t know what to do, but we never lost our hope. We had no more to lose and we tried again carefully. Thinking about the best part ahead, we put things apart and were ready learn things ahead. So we started our carrier in Web application development, because Jagan already had experience in web application development. We kept learning technologies we needed daily and did it on repetition to make it our skill. This decision turned out one of the best decision I had ever took. Then I started my carrier as web application trainee in a small company in Teynampet, hardly for 6 months. Then I continued as web application developer in Kliotech (P) Ltd for almost 2.6 years. I used to do small services at Fiverr, along with my day job, but this period of my life is lively, Even though I earned very little, the sense of entitlement and happiness it bought to my life is amazing. I cannot wait to start an other day to work. I used to work 15 hours a day and at the end of the day I never felt a pinch of tiredness, only fulfilment as though I lived the day in the fullest form.


This was the period I started a blog smarttutorials.net .
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I used to put tutorials on the technical stuff I learn every day. At first it had very few readers, it took me 2 years to get first cheque from Google for 100 USD. Then gradually user base improved. The positive reviews from my blog readers inspired me to spend more time on it. Now it holds over 200+ tutorials, 80+ demo scripts, 5+ Exclusive scripts, 10+ premium scripts, with over 10000+ subscribers, 300,000 hits per month which generates optimal revenue and keeps on growing.

Apart from this blogging, I am optimistic person, love to live life in the present, and to read self improvement books, living an awesome life, getting paid for doing what I love, being intensely grateful for every single moment of my life.


Co Founder & Contributor

Jagan K is a good friend of mine handled the technical concepts behind the blog initially & also contributes to the blog content. He is the sole founder of free resume creation service ResponsiveCV.com

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