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Multi Stage HTML5 Form using jQuery, ajax and css3

When user comes to your site and filling form, they need scroll down the site for each every information they are going to fill. This seems to be unfriendly user interaction and greatly reduces the user interest. This Multi-Stage HTML 5 form avoids unnecessary scroll….. Read More >>>>

php script to send mail with attachment

I had searched in Google for long time for the script to send an email with file attachment (all types of file pdf files,word files and images etc……). It was hard thing to find out exact script. Here I had….. Read More >>>>

jQuery Live Preview

jQuery live preview script helps the user to preview their entered information in the site or in the comment box before finally submiting their information to the site. Here is sample jQuery script : <script> $(“document”).ready(function(){ $(“#live1”).keyup(function(){ $(“#live_pre1”).html($(this).val()); }); </script>  ….. Read More >>>>

Google-URL-shortener-api-service-tutorial php script

Google URL Shortener API is one of the Google service, which takes long url ( and squeezes it into short as URL with few characters ( to use in tweets and etc…   Google URL Shortener API Demo….. Read More >>>>

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