Email Address Validation in HTML5

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html5 email validation

It was quite tedious to validate an email in HTML 4. It requires some external Java script to validate particular field. Here you will see some magics in HTML 5 to validate an email it’s doesn’t require external java script….. Read More >>>>

Error Performing Your Request In Blogger

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This might helpful to my fellow bloggers, Recently I posted new post in my blog then i try to access that particular post it shows following error.   There is no real solutions for this, so wait for few minutes or….. Read More >>>>

Mix Background Music with Voice track in Audacity

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Mix music tutorial with audacity

Do you want mix voice track with background music track. Here is step to mix two tracks together in audacity (please downloadaudacity). Step 1: Import first track in the audacity  using following options File->Import->Audio. Step 2:  Import second track in the audacity using following….. Read More >>>>

Simple Dot net Application with Database Connection

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Following code loads data form database into dropdown box during pageload event and when you select data from dropdown box page is postbacked and data in the database populated in the Grid view control.. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using….. Read More >>>>