Reserve your Free copy of windows 10 before it’s too late

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Microsoft Windows 10 is is going to launch on July 29th, 2015. Microsoft announced it’s free upgrade to all users who run windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Yes it’s completely free if you upgrade within one year of launch date that is July 29th 2016.

Why Free Upgrade to windows 10?

Unlike the previous times who have to pay to upgrade, like upgrading from windows 7 to 8, costs you, but this upgrade doesn’t cost you a dime if you act as soon as possible. Microsoft made it’s free because they want to force move people to use a operating system that works on all devices, Yes, it’s works on Mobile phones, PC, Tablets, may be even in cars in future.

What happens if your run older versions like windows vista or XP?

If you run older revisions you have to pay one time for license, 119 USD for windows home, 199 USD for home premium.

What if i have a pirated copy of windows?

You can still upgrade to windows 10, but the copy of windows 10 continues to be non genuine.

What if i miss to update within a year?

If you miss to upgrade to windows 10 within a year, you have to pay to get a licencse.

What if my system have pre-installed copy of windows 7 or 8?

You have to wait for your system manufacturer to check the compatibility of windows 10 and push the update for you. You can optionally update through windows update.

Do you have windows 10 beta downloaded through windows insider program?

If you have downloaded and using windows 10 beta earlier, the copy of the beta will get a final release and stays in beta forever free with all the final release updates.


How to Upgrade to windows 10?

You will see a small windows icon to the right corner of the task bar, Just click on it and it will automatically analyse you PC and it says if it’s qualifies an upgrade.

Windows 10 free uprade

Once it’s analysed you will get a message as windows upgrade reserved.

Windows 10 reserved


Highlights of windows 10


The windows desktop is back to default. This means your PC will boot to desktop but not to touch mobile app page.

The windows start button is back to life and it’s more user friendly.

It comes with a new ultra-fast browser called Microsoft edge. Old IE is no more.



External Resources to windows 10 FAQ


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