Use of Incognito Window in Web Browsers

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Sometimes when we are browsing in office or internet cafe we don’t like to leave traces like (histories, cookies and etc…), if someone access your browsing histories, cookies they will get know all sites you gone through as well sometimes they get sensitive information like password and transaction details etc.. through cookies.

Firefox browsers Private Browsing window


Now mostly all the web browsers (Google chrome, Firefox and etc…) comes with Incognito window to avoid above difficulties while surfing in office and internet cafe.

1. When you browsing through Incognito mode the webpages you opened and files downloaded are not recorded in the browsing and downloaded history.
2. All the cookies are saved during your browsing session will be deleted whiles closing your Incognito window.
Use incognito window for safe browsing while in office to avoid unnecessity problems. So here is the steps to access Incognito window in different browsers.


Google Chrome :


Step 1:  Find the wrench icon in the top right corner of browser window.

Google chrome wrench icon to access incognito window

Step 2: While click on the wrench icon drop-down list will be generated, from the drop-down list select New incognito Window to open.

Google chrome incognito window

 Now new window open with the following icon in the top left corner of the browser. You can continue your normal browsing like in normal browser window.Google chrome incognito window icon


Firefox Browser:


Step 1: Find Tool window in the main menu of the browser window and click on it.

Step 2: now find Start private browsing icon from drop-down list of the tool window and click on it. Now new window open with following interface.

Firefox browsers Private Browsing window

now continue normal browsing like in your normal browser window.

Step 3: While finishing your private browsing session again go through following steps Tools —> Stop private browsing. It will take you to the normal browsing window.


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