A simple incident that bought hope and inspiration into my life

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Optimism doesn’t mean that it is an option rather it gives all of us a positive vibration to score for our target. Legends have proved their success only through optimism, even after they face numerous downgrades. If a person in life loses hope and thinks for luck based happenings in future, he may find a way if he is an optimistic guy. I would like to share you an incident in my life which taught me what is positive thinking and what will be the result when we follow it. When I was a kid, my school conducted as a backward run race, which I am totally unaware of, but still the moment they have announced the competition I was very much eager to get the prize. So I took practice for the whole week continuously and very seriously, even though I was a kid.

A simple incident that bought hope and inspiration into my life
With all my hard work I stood on the start line with my classmates who were my competitors and the race started. Preceding everyone I reached a very little distance, but then fell down at the same place where other all overtook me and crossed the half line. That’s the moment I have got a call from my mom who is watching me from the crowd said that keep going without giving up. My confidence level has been raised up and started ran again, I was the last one out of all those guys in the race. Still nobody in the crowd can believe that I had won the 1st Prize in that competition. Even my mom couldn’t recognize that I will make it but that has happened. This incident gave me a lot of confidence for my studies, sports and for all the competitions that I will take part in.


You might think that this is just a story but it is a real story which taught me how to handle all the situations in life with hopeful attitude. I could have heard a negative encouragement from the crowd and so I would have lost the race but since I was encouraged for achievement I made it. When someone shares their sadness it is not that we are there to listen alone but we can provide them a good suggestion to face the circumstance. If we keep thinking and speak about positiveness on our daily basis then we can feel a good confidence within ourselves which will lead us to achieve the impossible things. Many inventions, discoveries, creations, etc., were all came from a patient person’s hard work along with the confidence to show it to the world. So I convey my readers to be an optimistic human to achieve anything in life and even you can face the failure as a stepping stone when you do so.



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