Responsive Expense Manager HTML5 CSS3 Template Using Bootstrap 4

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Responsive Expense Manager HTML5, CSS3 Template Using Bootstrap 4 jQuery
This responsive expense manager html5, css3 template are built using bootstrap 4. You can use this admin panel for other web application admin panel. It has responsive sidebar navigation for different resolution.



Built using following tools and libraries

  1. NPM (Latest stable release of NodeJS)
  2. Webpack
  3. jQuery
  4. Chartist.JS



Instructions for Download & Customization of Template:

Step 1:

Download this free responsive expense manager admin template. Downloaded folder contains dist folder. This dist folder contains final generated html5, css3 and JS files.

If you want to do customize this admin template, then follow below instructions to customize and generate build.

Step 2:

This free admin template are built using webpack build system. So it requires NodeJS must installed in your system.

So please install latest stable release of NodeJS using Node Version Manager (NVM). Please follow this Video tutorial on how to install NodeJS in Mac/Ubuntu/Windows Using NVM, if you not installed NodeJS already using NVM. Because Node Version manager helps us to easily manage NodeJS version.

Step 3:
Unzip the downloaded bootstrap responsive admin template. Next open your command terminal and go to the template folder.

Next install necessary node packages using following node commands.

npm install

Step 4:

Next run the following command development server in your local.

npm start

It will automatically open the your index.html file in your default web browser. Now edit and see live changes in browser.

Step 4:
To generate final build, then run the following command.

npm run prod

It will generate final build and put it in dist folder

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