Learn jQuery Autocomplete in 3 Minutes

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jQuery Autocomplete Ajax, Json, PHP, MySQL Database

This is series video tutorial on jQuery autocomplete, Where i am explaining basics of jQuery UI autocomplete with static JSON in 3 minutes. Then slowly explaining each features of jQuery autocomplete. In second tutorial I am explaining how to replace the static JSON with dynamic JSON data that we get from PHP, Ajax and MySQL database. So please watch from the video one to end to be master in jQuery UI autocomplete.

Learn jQuery Autocomplete in 3 Minutes



jQuery Autocomplete with Dynamic JSON Data Using Ajax, PHP & MySQL

In this video tutorial I will cover How to cover replace static JSON data with Dynamic JSON data. Also I will cover creating database and writing PHP scripts to get the data from MySQL database.

Please check this tutorial jQuery Autocomplete Search using PHP, MySQL and Ajax to create MySQL database and for download link.


jQuery Autocomplete No Records Found

In this video tutorial I will cover how to show No matching records found indication to the user, when search criteria doesn’t match in jQuery autocomplete.

Dynamically Add and Remove Table Rows Using jQuery

In this video tutorial I will cover how to add and remove table rows of textboxs dynamically using jQuery.



jQuery Multiple Fields(Textbox) Autocomplete with Multiple values:

In this video tutorial I will cover how to add jQuery Multiple Fields Autocomplete functionality.

Please check below tutorial for demo and source download link.


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