The Decision That Changed My Life Forever..

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The freedom of living the way we always wanted is like the air we breathe, we don’t take it, until people take it away from us. Until some time back, I don’t always know the meaning ‘Freedom of living the way I always wanted to be’. In the present day busy machine life schedule that society sold us, we don’t have the time to think about the true things that really bring happiness to us.

This corporate environment, especially software field stops us from thinking beyond the coding complexity and project deadline by giving salary more than we need to run normal life. So we remain slaves to the company for our whole lifetime. The counter back the void that created inside of us, we used to buy expensive things, go to pubs, resorts, be smokers and alcoholics and destroy ourselves without even knowing.

The Decision That Changed My Life Forever..

The only thing that differentiates us from illiterate people is knowledge.

   “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave”

― Frederick Douglass

But even though we have enough knowledge, sometimes we fail to think what really matters in life. But, I am strong believer that “if someone take time to think about what does really matter to him to bring in happiness to his life, he can bring the changes he always wanted”.

One day I took an oath to myself to spend some time to think about the things I am doing on a daily basis. We are all very good at setting goals, but we are very bad at following it. But somehow I managed to spend some time at least once a week to think about the things I am doing. One beautiful day, Something dawned on me that whatever I was doing to put bread on my table is meaningless, I doesn’t make sense to my living.   So I decided to quit my job to start on a project that I always wanted to do, which I thought will bring more happiness into my life, even though it can leave me with no money to survive for many months. I seriously don’t know, how did I took such a bold decision in my life, because I almost spent 3 years of lifetime get that job after engineering graduation.

It is one of the best decision I ever made in my life. Now I am generating more than a my salary as a my income by spending the time the way i want to spend. Now I can go wherever i want to go and do whatever i want to do without needing for permission from anyone.

Now I am living my life the way I always wanted to live, sure it was a tough beginning though, but I guess every change was hard at first. Once the change is made there is no turning back, I began to get used to the change now and trust me those changes gave me an awesome life to live for which i am intensely grateful every single day.

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