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How many times before on your browsing session you filled same forms again and again & how much time has been spent in remembering those details? and yes there are browsers inbuilt auto fill system for saving login details, but it’s horrible, It doesn’t work exactly when it is needed and it doesn’t save anything other than login details.

How many times you filled a long form and when something went wrong in the middle, you typed it all over again.

That’s where Auto Copy Paste Forms Chrome Extension comes to rescue

This extension automatically captures any form data you enter in any website and automatically fills it for you the next time you visit the website. For example let’s say you fill the personal details form, proceed to payment and complete it. The next time you go the same page, you’ll find all the details automatically filled to you magically no matter how big it is.

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Auto Copy Paste forms Chrome Extension

Auto Copy Feature

This extension automatically captures all the input fields on forms as you type and saves it to future use. It’s simple & easy to use. You can also copy manually from web page simple by pressing keyboard short cut (ALT +N) or by right clicking and select “COPY FORM”

Auto Copy Forms (ALT + N - Manual)

Auto Paste Feature

As you browse websites, if any of them have forms you already filled earlier, our extension fills the form automatically for your no matter how big it is. You can also manually paste to web page by pressing keyboard short cut (ALT +M) or by right clicking and select paste.

Auto Paste chrome extension


Auto Save & Organize

All forms that are captures from your browsing session is saved and available in extension cache, You can view the list, delete & organize the list under one screen.

Auto Save chrome extension


Auto Copy Paste Extension Menu



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