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The internet in India accessed through mobile network operators are at very high risk. This will compromise our freedom and privacy to access internet thorough mobile network operators like Airtel, vodafone, Aircel etc.


TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of INDIA) wants us to send email to them for 20 questions that is spread across 118 complicated pages. For any average educated individual it might take a week to fully understand the report and send opposition. The document was designed in such a way not to get enough opposition responses because very big money is involved in the background.

Save the Internet

But you need to take action now. The deadline given to send our opposition email is APRIL 25th, 2015


I seriously wonder why TRAI should take such a big decision on such a short notice?

Why no media channels talk about the seriousness of the issue?

Why TRAI expects an average citizen to read such a complicated report and send a opposition report?

If TRAI doesn’t get enough opposition by emails they can go ahead and implement all such rules. Ok how much is enough??

Why there is no display on the website publicly about the number of emails that received so far?



No matter how bad the dirty politics behind it, we can still choose to fight. All it takes for you 10 seconds for you to send a opposition email


Just copy the following response (answers to the 20 questions) and send it to TRAI email


Copy and Send Email Now

Please don’t think that your email is insignificant, some body else will take care of these issues.

Your email can make a difference. I see a man who strikes a big rock with a hammer real hard with all the energy he has in the hopes of breaking it into two pieces. Nothing happened till 99th beat, exactly on the hundredth beat the rock breaks down into two. I know for sure it wasn’t that single 100th strike that broke the rock into two.


Your email can be that 100th email that makes a real difference.


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